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An old lady with a limp
Asked me to be her pimp
I said open your legs
Let me see your resume
Her lips went down to her knees
When she stood up, it caused quite a breeze
But it was an adventure
When she took our her denture
She started gumming
I started humming
In 5 minutes, I was cumming
You know the rest
I didn't have a place for her
Not with a face like hers
Another pimp gave me a referral
Said she was a nice girl
She showed up with a shopping cart
Unloaded a cardboard box
Said she like to suck cocks
I wanted a ho
Not someone homeless
Unemployment is low
It's hard to find a ho
Everyone wants an IPO
It isn't Wall Street
But it's all my street
I saw a middle-aged hooker
Not a bad looker
Maybe a post-op transsexual
That's not unusual
She had a steady trade of freaks
I watched her for weeks
When I made my move
I was in the bitch's groove
She needed protection
And Potbelly's erection
She wanted it in the back door
Just like a crack whore
I won't do a she-male
Only one-hundred percent female
She looked offended
She wanted to be rear-ended
I'm a sidewalk entrepeneur
A slut's troubadour
Sugar daddy to a whore
Where are the bitches?
I'm waiting.