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Please tune into:
A station of the mind
That's where you'll find
Everything I designed
Everything that was mined
From the depths of despair
When I didn't care
I lived in fear
Of what was out there
I saw all of the pain
The sidewalks stained
From the bullets that rained
Down on all of my friends
My gun wasn't loaded
But still I exploded
From a brain eroded
Bankrupt and corroded
I ran out of the house TO SHOUT
What I was all about
No more fear or doubt
About what I had to announce
I rule my own destiny
Better see the best in me
Don't try arrestin' me
No gangbangers testin' me
I'm taking back my street
Will not admit defeat
My victory is complete
I changed my mood
My thoughts and attitude
No longer subdued
So change your station
Time for a new situation
It's a Hip Hop Nation