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Their lives were random
As they walked in tandem
No one to command them
No one to backhand them
Then they met the fat man
I had the right plan
Became their main man
Laid out the whole scam
One was named Kelly
She liked my potbelly
I took her to the deli
She asked, "Can you sell me?".
I told her, "Not just you."
For this I need two
A double-pussy crew
"Does your friend like to screw?"
"Have you ever kissed her?"
"Is she your sister?"
She thought I had dissed her
Why did I have to quiz her?
I laid out the deal
You got one lazy eye
And half of one leg
She's got one arm
And a face full of acne
I never sold bitches
Who had so many stitches
One uses crutches
Both have moustaches
It'll be a two-for-one
You can double the fun
But only one condom
You say hi to all the misters
"Have you ever done sisters?"
"Let's get in bed and play Twister"
"Would you like me to fist her?"
She said,"I know I'm a nympho.
I know I'm a lesbo.
But can I be a good ho?
Can you break me in slow?"
There ain't no such thing as a part-time whore
You're a convenience store
Open 24-7
Does God close Heaven?
I put them through their paces
Sittin' on each other's faces
Touchin' my favorite places
It took 2 or 3 days
So if you see my two cripples
Out showin' their nipples
Unzip your zippers
And let'em raise your Big Dippers