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I was buried alive
At the age of five
Deep in the underground
Is where I could be found
In the public school system
An elementary prison
Our courses were on a collision
I didn't need their permission.
I was brewin up trouble
Burstin their bubble
Like Fred and Barney Rubble
At eight my face had stubble
I was maturing quickly
Told the teacher to lick me
She tried to kick me
I pulled out my dick, you see
That's when class was dismissed
She couldn't resist
My head was bigger than her fist
She got on her knees and kissed
I liked this homework
She looked like Bo Derek
The principal went berserk
Actin like a jerk
I said, "You can have sloppy seconds.
This won't take long, I reckon."
So I shoved my dick in
An hour later I was still stickin
She was screamin out loud
The school have formed a crowd
All the boys were proud
The girls had their heads bowed
Looking at my member
It was the third of September
Thanksgiving's not always in November
I could have fucked her 'til December
It was quite an assembly
Me, the school and Miss Dempsey
They were cheering the home team
When she started to scream
Like nails on a chalkboard
She would not be ignored
I knew I had scored
With my giant sword
The principal didn't get it
Would I live to regret it?
When she looked over her shoulder and said it,
"You've got your extra credit."