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I'm a part-time pimp
and a full-time player
My name's MC Potbelly
and this is my saying
I say
A ho is a honey
who makes me some money
My waist is jelly
You can smell me
But what you can't tell me
What you can't sell me is
I ain't the best pimp in the world
I'd match my bitches against girls
Blonde, brunette, redhead, or weave
I'll make you believe
You better recognize
Before you spread your thighs
That I got four eyes
and I memorize
Everything my bitches do
One thing they don't want to do
Is to see my anger
That's when I pick up my coat hanger
I'll pimp slap the bitch
I'll pimp slap the bitch
You want some more?
Get back out on the street.
All the hos in my stable
First got drunk on Black Label
Then we watched porno on my cable
And we wound up on my kitchen table
Once I took'em, I knew I had'em
Like an Eve to my Adam
Pimpin' ain't easy
It's a young man's game
It was my way to fortune and fame
There was no bitch I couldn't tame
Remember my name
You holding out on me?
I dog my hos in the street
I run around in my size 10 feet
The back of my hand is what they meet
If they don't hit the sheet
I love you, Potbelly
That's what my hos say
If you loved me, you'd be hookin
I can do my own cookin
It's a pimp's life
A beeper, a knife
I don't need a wife
I don't need that strife
A ho is a honey
Who makes me some money