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I found a young hottie
With a nice body
She wanted to party
When we began the action
I started to lose traction
You should have heard her reaction
She screamed, "Don't stop
The horizontal hip hop."
I was moving faster
Heading closer to disaster
I couldn't outlast her
I tried to slow down
She was movin' all around
Makin' every sexy sound
She screamed, "Don't stop
The horizontal hip hop."
Her joints were jumpin'
So I kept on pumpin'
It was really somethin'
Her legs pointed to the ceiling
I was losing the feeling
I wanted to pull out
Stop the in-and-out
When she started to shout
"Don't stop
the horizontal hip hop".
I had my orgasm
In her tight chasm
One final spasm
She looked perplexed
She asked, "Who was next?".
She needed more sex
I told her I was a loner
With a one-shot boner
A single sperm donor
She got out of bed
Scratched her head
Turned to me and said,
"I can't stop
the horizontal hip hop."
I was too tired
My missile had fired
She pulled out a dildo
Wiped off the mildew
Said, "This will have to do."
But imitation is flattery
When she yelled at the battery,
"Don't stop
the horizontal hip hop."