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If you ain't walkin
You ain't workin
Your mouth's not for talkin
You know I'll be lurkin
Lookin over your shoulder
Slappin your sweet rear
You're getting older
One month is a street year
Today you're sixteen
In two years you're forty
Yesterday you had dreams
But now you work for me
There's no overtime
Can't go on strike
You're doin a crime
"You know what I like."
That's what old men say
You act like their daughter
But not until they pay
Just like I taught ya
I broke you in fast
Played all the head games
I needed the cash
Showed you the bed games
How to be on top
Or work the bottom
How to spot a cop
Or crabs if you got'em
Don't scratch down there
And shave your pubes
Change your underwear
Always use lubes
Keep the feel
Keep it healthy
Keep it real
Keep me wealthy